Meet Our Team

Palmyra Surgical has built a reputation for providing superior general and bariatric surgical care to the residents of Albany in Southwest Georgia and the surrounding areas.

Led by V. John Bagnato, MD, the Palmyra Surgical team has significant experience providing support and guiding patients through pre and postoperative surgical care.

Palmyra Surgical Bariatric Surgery Office Staff

Palmyra Surgical Bariatric Surgery Support Team

Palmyra Surgical Fill Center Staff

Palmyra Surgical Fill Center Staff
We pride ourselves both on the quality of our care and the respect we give to all of our patients.

All members of the Palmyra Surgical team understand that any surgery has risks and that many of our patients have concerns about what to expect from their surgery and their underlying illness or disease. We will take whatever time is necessary to ensure that you are fully informed about all of your treatment options and what you can expect from each.

The Palmyra Surgical team will give you as much assistance as possible in complying with any of your insurance carrier’s requirements. Our experienced staff will teach you about your procedure and how to properly prepare for it.

Whenever possible, Dr. Bagnato will use minimally invasive surgical techniques to complete your procedure. This will reduce your discomfort after the procedure and speed your return to normal activities.