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Tips for Brief Stress Relief after Bariatric Surgery

Tips for Brief Stress Relief after Bariatric Surgery in AlbanyWhen we have the time, techniques like progressive muscle relaxation and deep breathing can be valuable ways to control stress after bariatric surgery in Macon. Practicing these activities regularly can help you keep your anxieties under control, making it easier to face each day with a clearer, calmer head. Unfortunately, stress doesn’t always strike at the most opportune times—during a busy workday, you won’t always have the 10 to 15 minutes needed to make these activities most effective.

To make your stress management strategy as useful as possible, you’ll need to flesh it out with a variety of techniques, including those capable of providing in-the-moment relief. When you start to feel overwhelmed, sometimes all you need to return to a steady state of mind is:

  • An attitude adjustment. When you’re in a bad situation, dwelling on the negative will only make things worse. It can be hard to stay optimistic when you’re frazzled and anxious, but thinking positively will help you face your circumstances and can even slow your heart rate. Do your best to find the good in every situation and, if you’re having trouble staying sunny, focus your mind on something sure to lift you up, like your child’s smile or the vacation you’ve been planning.
  • A peaceful playlist. Just as a high-energy song can get you pumped for a workout, a calm song can help you put your mind at ease. Start creating a playlist of relaxing songs now, one that can help you calm down with just a quick retreat into your headphones. Many studies have delved into the soothing attributes of classical music, but you can include any kind of music that helps you put an end to stress.
  • A serene visualization. If the world outside your body proves too stressful, escape to a more peaceful world inside your mind. Imagine a calming scenario in as much detail as possible, engaging each and every one of your senses in a brief but invigorating fantasy. You can visualize any tranquil place or activity you like. For example, picture yourself in the middle of a mighty forest—smell the pine needles beneath your feet, hear the wind rustle the canopy overhead, feel the cool air against your skin, see the soothing green hues of the undergrowth and the resilient trunks of the trees around you.

Tips like these can help you squash stress swiftly, but they aren’t the only ones that work. What else has helped you calm down in a jiffy after bariatric surgery in Albany or Macon? Tell us in the comments below.


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