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Support Groups: Tackling Bariatric Surgery Together

Support Groups: Tackling Bariatric Surgery in Albany TogetherNo one should go through bariatric surgery in Macon alone. The support of others will be crucial to your success, helping you deal with the unique problems of your weight loss journey and the difficult emotions you may face.

Support can come from many people, including your bariatric surgeon, friends and family members, but no one will relate to what you’re going through quite like the members of a bariatric surgery support group. Every support group benefits from the collective experiences of its members—by sharing your journey with others who have faced similar circumstances, you can tackle the challenges you face together, growing stronger and more motivated as a team.

What makes joining a support group after bariatric surgery so useful? In any support group, you’ll find valuable attributes like:


Are you having problems staying motivated to exercise? Have you been struggling with emotional eating or weight regain? Are you feeling depressed or disillusioned, ready to give up? The members of your support group have probably been there before, or may be there right now. By opening up about your feelings with your support group, you can develop strategies that help you deal with your problems in a productive way. From learning your post-op diet and exercise needs to coping with the difficult emotions that may have been left behind by a lengthy battle with obesity, the experiences of those who have come before you can help immensely.


You can always turn to your bariatric surgeon for support, but Dr. Bagnato won’t be available 24/7. By exchanging phone numbers with other members of your group, support will always be just a call away. In moments when you feel tempted, lost or confused, it helps to have someone to lean on. Your support group members can become allies that get you back on your feet whenever you stumble or fall.

Don’t forget that you can do more than just talk about healthy habits with the members of your support group. Other members can become workout partners, dinner party guests and, of course, good friends. As you get to know other members, you may find yourselves spending more time together outside of meetings, and this can further help you stay motivated and supported.

Attending support group meetings after bariatric surgery in Macon can make your journey to better health easier to bear. How has attending a support group helped you? Tell us about your experiences in the comments below.


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