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The Compliment Conundrum

The Compliment ConundrumOnce you lose weight in Albany or Macon, compliments are sure to come your way. Learn how to take them like a champ and avoid those awkward post-compliment moments with ease.

Have you ever given someone a compliment, only for them to dodge the remark and make up some silly excuse as to why they aren’t worthy of it? This is a pretty uncomfortable situation for all involved. While a friend or family member offers a sincere, kind remark, the other party negates it—most often leaving the complimenter feeling rather awkward and wondering why they bothered offering a compliment in the first place.

By getting weight loss surgery you are going to lose weight in Albany or Macon, and for many people this means a world of new attention that they aren’t accustomed to. Many people are surprised by the number of acquaintances that come out of the woodworks to comment on their weight loss success. Co-workers you didn’t think knew you, friends you haven’t seen in years—even the barista at your local coffee shop might notice your drastic weight loss.

As you go about your business after you lose weight, chances are you are going to have some compliments thrown your way, and this can be uncomfortable at first. Learning how to take a compliment and move on will minimize the situation and prevent a kind deed from becoming a small fiasco.

Here are a few tips to help you take a compliment like a pro:

  • Genuine praise vs. spiteful remarks? It doesn’t really matter if the compliment is coming from someone who is genuinely happy for you or from a disheveled acquaintance who is clearly jealous of your weight loss success. Take all compliments the same way: as a reminder that you are doing something great for yourself and that you are making progress. It doesn’t matter what the complimenter says or how they say it, you are making enough of an impact for people to notice—keep it up!
  • Practice saying thank you. Getting used to compliments and external attention takes time. While it is nice to be caught off guard with a kind remark, don’t let your surprise turn into flustered frustration. Practice simple “thank-you’s” in the mirror to avoid a situation where you don’t know what to say in return. Whatever the complimenter’s intention was in giving their kind remark, a simple thank you and a smile are most often the appropriate response.
  • Practice giving compliments. Perhaps the best way to know how to accept a compliment is to learn from your peers. Start complimenting co-workers on their earrings, friends on their outfits and family members on their cooking abilities. You will soon see the ease with which some people reply “oh thank-you!” and the awkwardness with which others stumble over your remarks. Hearing others can help you feel a bit more natural when the favor is reversed and you are in search of a quick reply.

Once you get the hang of it, getting a compliment can put a quick smile on your face and be a great source of motivation. Have you encountered trouble replying to compliments since you’ve lost weight? Share your thoughts and experiences in a comment below!


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