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Single Incision LAP-BAND Surgery also great for GERD

In June of 2008, the very first single incision LAP-BAND bariatric surgery was conducted by UT Southwestern medical center. The single incision they made into the patients mid-section measured a mere eight centimeters. Over the past year the incision has become even smaller and with the introduction of placing the incision in the umbilicus or belly button, there is visible scar at all.

The fewer incisions you have, and the smaller the incisions are, the less scarring you’ll see after surgery and the less recovery time you will need. When LAP-BAND surgery first began in the 1980’s, there was no laparoscopic surgery method, so the patient’s entire mid-section had to be opened in order for the band to be inserted around the stomach. This resulted in quite a large scar–and a very long recovery time. Activities like lifting, driving, and moving had to be scaled back. Rather than planning for a longer recovery time, patients of laparoscopic surgery can focus on beginning their new, healthier lifestyle. LAP-BAND surgery is also known for its respect for the anatomical make up of the stomach, making changeable alterations rather than cutting into the stomach.

Now, with Dr. Bagnato’s single incision LAP-BAND surgery, patients have little to no visible scarring, and very little recovery time. But no visible scarring does not represent the final development for LAP-BAND surgery. Natural orifice surgery, during which Dr. Bagnato inserts all instruments into an existing orifice, such as the mouth, is probably the next leap forward in medical techniques for performing surgery without having to create an incision through the abdomen. Currently this technique is used by Dr. Bagnato for revisions to gastric bypass surgery as well as treating gastroesophageal reflux disease (GERD). Studies are already under way using transoral procedures for weight loss surgery and we look forward to the results of this research to see if it will provide improved weight loss results and safety for our patients.


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