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5 Exercises You Can Do While Talking On The Phone

Sometimes doing two things at once can help make the time go by more quickly. If you struggle with fitting in activity during the day, why not pick up the phone and call a friend – then sneak in some exercises while you chat? It will make doing the activity more pleasant if you have the distraction of talking with someone you like at the same time. Here is a simple routine to try next time you are on the telephone:

  1. Strengthen your calf muscles by flexing and pointing your feet. If your are standing, flex one foot at a time.  If sitting, try doing both feet at the same time. Repeat 5 to 10 times per leg.
  2. Now add an ankle rotation in to help relax the muscle and lubricate your ankle joint. Flex forward, back, circle left, and then circle right to complete the exercise. Start with a few repetitions and build up how many you can do comfortably.
  3. Bicep curl. Use a light hand weight if you have one; if not, you can always use a paperback book (Yellow Pages Perhaps?) or a can of soup. Simply hold the item in your hand and raise and lower it, keeping your elbow by your side.
  4. Now take the same item and raising it up over your head, then back down. Switch arms when you are ready to switch the phone to your other ear and do the other side.
  5. Finish with some shoulder circles to help relax the muscles.

Working to achieve weight loss, doing these simple exercises every time you are on the phone will really help you add activity throughout the day. Keep a white board or piece of paper by the phone to keep track of the number of repetitions you perform.  Pretty soon you’ll be looking for a reason to call someone!


3 responses to “5 Exercises You Can Do While Talking On The Phone”

  1. This is something I actually do driving to and from work each day or whenever I think of it. It also works great while talking on the phone. Hold in your lower abdominal muscles for as long as you can then relax and repeat – keep trying to hold your stomach muscles in tighter and longer each time you repeat it. This actually made my stomach muscles sore the first time I tried it.

  2. Nichole Avatar

    I like to walk up and down my hallway doing lunges squeezing together my glutes upon rising. As you get better try to lower your back knee as close to the ground as possible.

  3. I read yesterday that if you work in an office it is better for you to get up and move during your daily tasks than to roll your chair around. I have started watching that ’cause I really “roll” a lot! Like Dr. Bagnato says…it is those little things that can make a difference!

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