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Simple Stretches for Walking

Increasing your activity is an essential part of your program following weight loss surgery. Georgia has so many beautiful and accessible spots for walking that a gentle walking program can be part of almost any exercise routine.

Before you go out for a walk, make sure to set yourself up to get the most benefit possible out of your effort. Sure you want to wear non binding, comfortable clothes made from breathable fabrics such as cotton. You also should wear cushiony, supportive walking shoes, but there is still something else you should do to get your body ready for a walk, and that is to stretch.

Stretching acts as a warm up to ease your muscles and joints into the job of walking. By stretching, you can loosen your muscles up and make the job of walking easier. It also helps you prevent muscle tears and some muscle strain since you aren’t asking your muscles to go from 0 to 60 with no warm up.

Stretching does not have to be fancy, and even people with mobility issues can enjoy it. Stretches can be as simple as sitting down and pulling your knees in toward your chest to flexing your ankles gently. Generally, about 10 minutes should be spent stretching before you walk, and another 10 minutes after the walk to avoid muscle cramps and twinges.


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