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Resistance Bands For Exercise

Resistance bands are like large rubber bands. They work by providing resistance against an exerciser’s muscles and the amount of tension in the band is what increases the intensity of the workout. They are an ideal exercise following LAP-BAND Surgery to get your new lifestyle off to a gentle start.

Even an exercise beginner will be able to use resistance bands as part of their weight loss program without too much fear of injury. Muscle injuries are uncommon with resistance bands, and the biggest problem is if a person puts one under their foot to do a stretch and it slides out from beneath the shoe and snaps them (much to the delight of anyone who happens to be watching).

An expert exerciser will find resistance bands will add variety to a workout that may be a little boring. There are so many ways to change position and get those muscles that the machine just isn’t reaching. Better angles also make for a different workout.

If a traveler needs to exercise resistance bands are easy to pack and cheap to replace, so if one gets lost it won’t be an inconvenience to get a new resistance band. Even if a traveler is only using the bands for stretches and stabilization to get the day off to a good start, it can make a world of difference during the rest of the day.

Resistance bands are usually color coded according to the amount of resistance they provide. Start out with the light resistance bands until you figure out how to use them properly and then get a variety of different bands to liven up your workout.

Focus on your form when doing your exercises and use slow deliberate movements to get the most out of the bands. Smoothly stretch the band to a comfortable tension, pause for a moment and then slowly allow the band to return to its normal length. Remember that the band will resist you as you stretch it and then you have to resist the band as it tries to return to normal.


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