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Overcoming Common Challenges After Weight Loss Surgery

Undergoing weight loss surgery in Georgia is a big commitment. It also requires taking on a certain amount of risk, as any surgery or major medical procedure carries some risk. It cannot be said, therefore, that anyone who has weight loss surgery is not serious about losing weight or committed to weight loss. And yet, some people who have weight loss surgery find themselves struggling to reach their goal weight or regaining weight that they’ve lost. How does this happen, and how can you prevent it from happening to you?

Some common challenges that weight loss surgery patients experience include:

  • Bad food habits: Even after having surgery, it can be difficult to break habits you’ve practiced for years. You may have a habit of emotional eating or living a sedentary lifestyle, and these habits can prevent you from getting the best results from your weight loss surgery.
  • Becoming complacent: Many people lose weight very quickly after weight loss surgery and then find that their weight loss slows or stops completely. This may be because you’ve become complacent after achieving some immediate success and have begun to revert to old habits.
  • Insufficient follow-up: If you’ve experienced a few setbacks, you may cancel follow-up appointments with your surgeon in order to avoid feeling judged or embarrassed. You might also stop checking in with other support systems, including bariatric surgery support groups or online forums you frequented shortly after surgery.

Overcoming common challenges

These challenges are common, which means that there is nothing inherently wrong with you if you find yourself faced with them. Avoid being overly harsh with yourself, and resolve to move forward. Remind yourself that weight loss is a long-term commitment, and you may experience setbacks along the way, but making the right decisions over time will produce results. You should also stay plugged into a support system, even if you begin to feel you no longer need support because you’ve started to lose weight. A good support system can help keep you on track for years to come.


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  1. Margarette Hawkins Avatar
    Margarette Hawkins

    I had surgery in March 2010 and I’ve lost around 38 pounds
    and I feel great.. Everyone keep up the good work.. be

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