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How to do a proper sit-up

You’ve probably seen people doing sit-ups with knees bent and hands behind their heads while someone else holds their feet down by their ankles. You may have also seen pictures of people doing sit-ups without anyone stabilizing their feet. As you work on your exercise routine after LAP-BAND surgery you may be asking the question -what is the proper way to do a sit-up?

The goal of a sit-up or stomach crunch is to work the abdominal muscles without working other muscles around the hips. Stabilizing your feet can help isolate the abdominal muscles if it’s done properly. You can place your feet loosely under a couch or other heavy piece of furniture, but a more effective technique is to bend your knees and hips at a 90-degree angle and place your feet against a wall.

You should not have someone hold down your feet or use a technique that rigidly prevents your feet, ankles, or legs from moving in any way. This can actually cause you to work your hips more than your abdominal muscles.

For best results when doing a sit-up, cross your arms across your chest instead of clasping your hands behind your head. This will prevent you from pulling yourself up with your arms, neck, or back muscles. Once you’ve raised your head and shoulders off the floor, hold the muscle contraction for three deep breaths before slowly lowering yourself back down to the floor.


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