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How to Prevent Acid Reflux at a Cookout

The weather is warming up and the days are getting longer. Are you ready to celebrate by heading into the Georgia outdoors? Cookouts are a great way to enjoy the summer with friends and family, but they can also bring pain and discomfort for acid reflux sufferers. Follow these tips for a backyard barbecue that’s heartburn-free.

Tips to Prevent Heartburn at a Cookout

  • Avoid fatty meats. You can still enjoy the grill without suffering from acid reflux. Try grilling turkey patties or chicken breasts instead of greasier cuts of red meat.
  • Keep tomatoes off your burgers and out of your salads. Instead, add carrots, beans, jicama, or other mild veggies. Guacamole makes a great alternative to ketchup on sandwiches.
  • Pass on the soda and alcohol. If carbonated drinks and alcohol trigger your heartburn symptoms, stick with water, iced tea, or non-citrus fruit juices.
  • Eat smaller portions. How much you eat is just as important for preventing heartburn as what you eat. Try eating six small meals a day instead of three large ones to reduce your risk for reflux.
  • Have a side of grilled vegetables. Fried foods and other greasy sides take longer to digest, making heartburn more likely. Fill your plate with grilled vegetables or mild fruits instead.

In addition to these tips for summer, you can also prevent heartburn all year round by losing weight, quitting smoking, and talking to your doctor about treatment options.


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