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Erase the Clutter from your Sanctuary

Embarking on a weight loss regimen is a big step. Making the decision and being determined to follow through on such a life-changing course is the key to ultimate success, and there are many little things that you can do to reinforce and provide affirmation for that big decision. After speaking with your weight loss doctor in Albany about ways to lose weight, start thinking about ways that you can improve your entire environment to start living healthier.

Aside from the diet and exercise that are the strategic focus of any effective weight loss program, there are smaller tactical actions that you can take to help keep the main goal in focus, and can help self-condition the behavioral changes that are key to your ultimate long-term weight control success.

One of these small tactical actions can be as simple as de-cluttering your bedroom and making it a sanctuary and haven where your thoughts can be refocused and your determination recharged. It seems like such a simple thing, but it is true that changing our habits in one area can affect our habits in other areas as well, such as the bad eating habits that lead to weight gain.

The truth is that our bedrooms often become catchall repositories for a host of unnecessary things. Piles of cloths spontaneously grow on the floors, shoes seem to litter the ground in front of closets, stacks of books grow on nightstands and computers and papers and many other non-bedroom types of things seem to migrate there from other areas of our homes.

Step one is to get organized. Take everything that does not belong in your bedroom and put it where it belongs. Make it a daily habit to keep your bedroom an uncluttered haven. You will probably find you enjoy having an organized sanctuary, which will help you reinforce the daily habit of keeping it that way.


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