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Choosing the Right Exercise After Lap Band Surgery

Are you looking forward to starting a new workout routine after lap band surgery? If you haven’t exercised in a while, you may be hesitant or a little overwhelmed by the idea of regular physical activity. Fortunately, you have numerous fitness options to choose from to help you ease into and enjoy a more active lifestyle. Follow these simple steps to find the workout plan that’s right for you.

3 Steps To Choosing the Right Exercise After Lap Band Surgery

1. Determine your current fitness level: Getting a general idea of where you’re starting can help you set fitness goals, measure your progress, and choose which exercises you’re best suited for right now. Make a record of:

  • Your current weight
  • Your current BMI
  • Your current waist circumference
  • Resting heart rate
  • How long it takes to walk a mile
  • Heart rate immediately after finishing a 1-mile walk
  • How many push-ups or sit-ups you can do

This will give you a good picture of your starting point.

2. Set specific fitness goals: You probably already have weight loss goals in mind after lap band surgery, but having fitness goals can help motivate you to stay active each day. Looking at your starting numbers, determine which areas you’re most interested in seeing improvements in. Perhaps you want to be able to walk a mile in less time, or to walk farther. Maybe you’re most interested in increasing your strength.

3. Be honest with yourself about exercises you enjoy: Now it’s time to determine how you’ll reach your goals. Do an honest review of your likes and dislikes. Do you enjoy being outdoors, or will you constantly be looking for an excuse to skip a walk in the sun? Do you like running, or are you more likely to stick with a swimming regimen? Do you like to work out alone, or would a fitness class be something you’d enjoy? Don’t worry about what you think you should do, but be realistic about what you will do.

Once you’ve decided what you want to accomplish and what steps you need to take daily to reach your goals after lap band surgery, all that’s left to do is get started!


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  1. Michelle C. Avatar
    Michelle C.

    One potential deterant to exercise is cost. Believe it or not you do not have to spend a lot of money to start exercising. Canned vegetables or soup make great free weights. You can use a dining room chair to help you balance while doing squats or lunges. The wisest investment will be a good pair of shoes, after that exercise should not cost you anymore than the time you put into it.

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