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Cardio Machine Tips for Lap Band Patients

Cardio Machine Tips after Lap Band Surgery in MaconGet the most out of your cardio workouts to stay in shape after LAP-BAND surgery.

Taking advantage of the cardio machines at your local gym is a great way for patients of weight loss surgery in Macon to burn excess calories and get in shape. However, as with any piece of workout equipment you need to make sure you’re using the machine properly in order to reap its fitness benefits.

If you are just getting ready for your operation then using these machines may seem like a foreign idea, but rest assured that soon enough you will be able to go to the gym and use these machines to your heart’s content.

Here are some common cardio machine mistakes and how to avoid them at the gym.

When you’re on the elliptical…

Though elliptical users get in a great workout for their quadriceps by pedaling forward, these movements neglect your hamstrings and glutes. If you want to make sure your backside is getting the same workout benefits as your front, occasionally reverse your stride on the elliptical to move your legs backwards. Doing so will help you target the posterior portions of your legs, and if you increase the incline a little bit you can even work your glutes as well.

When you’re on the stationary bike…

The next time you use the stationary bike at the gym don’t just hop on without adjusting the seat and start pedaling. Improper seating adjustment makes for an inefficient cardio workout and won’t provide you with the best fitness benefits, not to mention it may be uncomfortable. In order to sit properly on the stationary bike, raise or lower the seat so your knee is at a 25 to 30 degree angle when the pedal is extended downward. Remember to sit up straight and keep your shoulders back to really work your leg muscles as you pedal.

When you’re on the treadmill…

As you walk or lightly jog on the treadmill, don’t make short strides or bounce around too much. This common mistake will also make for an inefficient cardio workout and increase the impact and amount of pressure on your bones which can lead to joint pain. Instead, try to take smooth, long purposeful strides to reduce the shock and amount of pressure absorbed by your knees and joints. As you’re moving remember to keep your head up and your back straight.

When you’re on the stair stepper…

If you tend to hunch over the handlebars to support your weight to make stepping easier, you’re essentially wasting your cardio workout and your time. As you step up and down, try to keep your hands by your side so you’re not tempted to support your weight over the top of the machine. This will ensure that your legs will be doing all of the work. If you find the movement too difficult, slow down your pace and breathe slowly. You don’t want to overwork your quadriceps either so push down with your heel instead of your toes when you step occasionally to engage your hamstrings.

Next time you hit the gym remember to keep these cardio machine tips in mind to make sure you’re getting the most out of your workouts. Burning excess calories and tightening your muscles will help you look and feel healthier after LAP-BAND surgery.



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