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Bike to Beat Reflux

Cycling to reduce weight and stress for acid refluxIf you suffer from acid reflux in Macon, your symptoms could stem from a variety of different sources. From diet and sleep habits to body weight and stress levels, GERD might not have one specific root, but instead be caused by a variety of complexly interwoven lifestyle factors.
Though the best way to get rid of serious reflux symptoms is to visit your GERD surgeon Dr. Bagnato, obesity and stress are cited as two of the most common causes of reflux symptoms. If you’re overweight, stressed out or both, you’re at a much higher risk of GERD, making weight loss and stress relief two of the best methods of reducing acid reflux symptoms.
Fortunately, exercise can be a huge help in both of those goals, and few exercises accomplish them as well as cycling. A low-impact exercise appropriate for nearly all ages and fitness levels, riding a bike can also be a convenient mode of transportation. With benefits for the body and the mind, biking is one easy form of exercise that can also be an excellent form of recreation.

Biking: Good for the Whole Body

An aerobic exercise that builds lower and upper body strength as well as stamina, cycling will help you burn calories without putting too much pressure on your joints. In an hour-long bike ride, a 240 pound person can expect to burn over 400 calories, and that’s at a leisurely pace of less than 10 miles per hour. It can improve your cardiovascular health by promoting good circulation, another important perk for those at higher risk of heart problems due to excess body weight. Research has also shown that those who bike have a better overall mood and are more efficient workers, demonstrating the capabilities of cycling as a relaxation tool.

Bike How You Like

For many people, the greatest draw of biking as a workout is its malleability. You can bike at any pace you like in just about any place you like. You can ride through a beautiful park and take in the sights, sounds and smells of nature; you can take a quick ride to the grocery store or catch an easy workout on the way to the office; you can ride as far, as fast and as frequently as you like. If outdoor cycling proves too difficult or stressful, you can even invest in an indoor exercise bike and get all the great health benefits of biking right in the comfort of your own home.
Compared to many other forms of exercise, biking is a very safe and accessible activity. Regardless of your workout needs, cycling can provide great benefits for your health and help you lose the weight or stress that may be contributing to your acid reflux symptoms.


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