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Building a Weight Loss Community

Building a Weight Loss Community

A community is a collection of individuals who share at least one characteristic—often a defining factor that brings them together on certain issues. A community provides a sensation of fellowship and belonging. It depends on shared attitudes, goals and interests, and is usually driven by a deep-seated passion and care that encourages people to stay part of a group.

What’s a Weight Loss Community?

A weight loss community is no different than the type of community you live in or the sense of belonging you may feel with classmates or co-workers. A weight loss community is comprised of people who care about you, your health, and their own health. It is a network of peers who you can talk to about your weight loss surgery, health and wellness goals and receive encouragement from.

However, a weight loss community isn’t always people who are within close proximity to you. In fact, you may not know them at all. Online communities are just as fruitful as friends and family members in creating a sense of belonging.

A positive weight loss community will have three fundamental factors:

1. Structure.

Structure refers to the ways individual parts of something work together to create a larger whole. Independent of each other, the individual parts may not add up to anything complete. By being arranged in a planned-out fashion, structure brings independent elements together to form something complex.

For something to be well-structured, it must be planned and organized. Your weight loss program requires structure. This will include:

  • Dietary plan
  • Workout schedule
  • Prioritized tasks

2. Accountability

Accountability is a form of responsibility. It is what will encourage you to reach the goals you set for yourself. There are two primary forms of accountability:

  • Internal accountability: This refers to the methods you use to motivate and encourage yourself to remain responsible.
  • External accountability: This is the support and motivation you may receive from other people who will encourage you to stay on track during your weight loss program.

The ideal weight loss community will feature both forms of accountability. Most often, accountability starts internally. Once you show you are ready to be responsible to your wellness goals, it will become easier for those close to you to encourage those habits.

3. Support

This is the cornerstone of a strong weight loss community. Your weight loss community will be your primary support system. This often includes:

  • Family members
  • Friends
  • Weight loss surgeon
  • Others who are trying to lose weight

Having a strong support network as you embark on your weight loss journey can make a substantial difference in the level of success you experience. Taking steps to improve your social and physical environment to be more conducive to your health and wellness goals can be a great form of help as you move forward towards your weight loss goals.


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