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Active Vacations Can Promote Weight Loss

Active vacations are an excellent way to promote weight loss prior to having bariatric surgery, such as Lap Band in Warner Robins. Before packing all of your family’s sporting gear, follow these tips to plan an active and fun trip, without it being overly exhausting.

  1. Choose the physical activity. Because the goal is to choose physical activities that the entire family will enjoy, ask each family member to weigh in on their favorite activity while on an active vacation. Whether it’s swimming, tennis, or skiing, physical activity during a vacation helps to burn calories and become fit.
  2. Pack healthy snacks. An active vacation means that everyone in the family will be burning more calories, which means that everyone might get hungrier before, during, and after physical activities. Take along healthy snacks, such as fruits, vegetables, and nuts to keep your entire family energized during your active vacation.
  3. Plan physical activity breaks during road trip stops. If your vacation destination requires a long road trip, consider packing some sporting equipment to use on restroom breaks. For example, take a Frisbee along to stretch your family’s legs, while also burning calories.
  4. Stagger various activities. Kids can get bored if they are doing the same activity over and over again. To combat boredom, stagger a number of different activities during each of your vacation days. For instance, consider playing tennis in the morning, and a walking tour in the afternoon. In the evening, take a dip in the hotel pool for even more exercise.

Speak to your weight loss surgeon in Warner Robins for even more recommendations to stay active and healthy while on vacation.


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