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Making Your Home a Reflux-Free Sanctuary

Avoid Heartburn in Georgia by Rearranging Your HomeThough we may not always realize it, our environments have a powerful impact on the way we behave. This is no truer than at home, where we each spend a great deal of time and have a significant amount of control. If you find yourself suffering from the pain of heartburn in Georgia, taking a few steps to rearrange your home can be a valuable way to keep the symptoms of GERD at bay.
Taking a closer look at your surroundings can help you avoid triggers, but it can also help you prevent the overeating and sedentariness that contribute to excess weight and, concurrently, acid reflux. To make your home the perfect place to cope with GERD, start by:

Kicking Out the Bad

You likely have a long list of heartburn triggers to avoid, but are any of them still lingering in your kitchen? Though chocolate, coffee and high-fat dairy products like ice cream can be problematic for reflux sufferers, they may still be hanging around your home where they can tempt you into indulgence.
Your best bet in avoiding heartburn is to keep your triggers far away, so get rid of anything that may prompt your symptoms. This includes alcohol and anything that may cause you to overeat. If you live with others, they may not be too keen on you getting rid of their favorite treats, but you can easily find a compromise. Simply ask that any trigger foods be kept out of sight to keep them out of mind.

Bringing In the Good

With the bad stuff gone, it’s time to fill your kitchen with the foods that will promote a healthy, reflux-free body. Follow Dr. Bagnato’s dietary suggestions and make sure that fresh foods are always available for snacks and meals when needed. Consider stocking your kitchen with vegetables, low-acid fruits, low-fat proteins, high-fiber whole grains, ginger, aloe vera and other ingredients that promote good digestion.
Of course, GERD is affected by things beyond your diet as well. Exercise is an asset in controlling heartburn and can be made much easier by setting up a home gym. It may also be a smart choice to keep over-the-counter heartburn cures like Tums around to minimize discomfort quickly if heartburn strikes.
There are countless ways to make your home a healthier place to live, but doing so can be a big help in controlling GERD symptoms. What else has helped you fight heartburn in Georgia with a reflux-ready home? Tell us in the comments below!


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