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Get Fit and Fight GERD at Home

Create a Home Gym to Exercise with Heartburn in GeorgiaThough the consistent pain of heartburn in Georgia can make walking out your own front door seem difficult, working out regularly is one of the best ways to fight back against the symptoms of GERD. Exercise can help you lose the excess weight that so frequently contributes to acid reflux symptoms, while it will also promote the healthy functioning of your digestive system.
No matter who you are, exercise is one of the most important things you can give your body. But if you’re stuck at home reeling from heartburn or dreading its next attack, the thought of going for a jog down to the gym may be far from your mind. Fortunately, the solution may be simple: create your own gym at home.

The Benefits of Home Gym Ownership

Often, the drive to the gym can be the biggest barrier between you and getting a good workout. When your motivation wanes or the pain of heartburn makes leaving home seem impossible, your workout plans may be the first to go out the window. But with a home gym, you can work out whenever and however you like. Home gyms are especially well-suited to low impact activities that pose little risk of sparking the symptoms of GERD.

Pick Your Spot

Spare bedrooms, attics, basements and garages tend to be prime locations, but any area of at least 6 square feet can do nicely. Remember that accessibility is key to your getting regular workouts—ideally, the space should be completely dedicated to exercise and equipment should stay set up at all times.
When considering where to keep your exercise equipment, look for:

  • Electricity. If you hope to have a TV, radio or computer in your exercise space, be sure there are outlets.
  • Atmosphere. Natural light, bright colors and fresh air can make a big difference in your energy level. If you don’t have a window in your home gym, try improving the space with mirrors, houseplants and lamps with soft white bulbs. You should also remove any distracting clutter from your workout space to keep yourself focused.
  • Storage. Closets, cubbies and shelving can all be valuable assets in your workout space, especially if you rack up a significant collection of exercise equipment.

Gear Up

Once you have your workout space figured out, it’s time to fill it with the tools that will help you promote home fitness. Below are a few examples that can help you start building a home gym without breaking the bank:

  • Resistance gear like dumbbells, resistance bands and pull-up bars.
  • A yoga mat.
  • A stability ball.

You can do countless exercises with these items alone, but should remember to always carefully avoid activities that spark your GERD symptoms. To build up your home gym even further, consider investing in an exercise bike, weight bench or treadmill.
Have you created a home gym to help yourself exercise or overcome the effects of heartburn in Georgia? Share your tips and experiences with us in the comments below!


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