Dedicated to Bariatric Surgery

Located in Macon, Georgia, Palmyra Surgical is the most experienced bariatric (weight loss) surgical practice in Southwest Georgia.

Dr. John Bagnato is recognized as a leader in adjustable gastric band surgery for treating obesity, and a pioneer in incisionless correction of gastric bypass surgery.

Dr. John Bagnato

Dr V. John Bagnato, Bariatric Surgeon

Dr. Bagnato is a board certified general surgeon with twenty years of surgical experience. He has provided general surgery services in Southwest Georgia since 1998 and has performed over 2400 LAP-BAND surgeries since 2002. Learn more about Dr. Bagnato »

At Palmyra Surgical, our mission is to deliver the best surgical intervention at the lowest possible risk to our patients. To begin your journey to lasting weight loss, contact us today.

LAP-BAND® System and REALIZE Band Weight Loss Surgery

Adjustable Gastric Band systems are the safest, least radical, and most cost effective surgical treatment for obesity available today. Dr. Bagnato provides both LAP-BAND System and REALIZE Band options for weight loss surgery.
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StomaphyX and ROSE, Incisionless Gastric Bypass Revision

Dr. Bagnato performs the scar-free ROSE and Stomaphyx procedures through the mouth without making any external incisions into the body. These restorative procedures help gastric bypass surgery patients return to effective weight loss.
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