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What To Look For In A Walking Shoe After Weight Loss Surgery

Walking after weight loss surgery is an excellent way to ease into a more active lifestyle. Walking requires no training—you probably already do it every day—and very little financial investment. One of the only things you may need to purchase before you begin walking after weight loss surgery is a good pair of walking shoes. Use these tips to find the best shoes for you.

Things To Look For In A Walking Shoe After Weight Loss Surgery

  • Proper Fit: be sure that your walking shoes will not cause abrasion and will allow for proper circulation. Avoid shoes with an ankle roll that hits your ankle bone or that rub any part of your foot when you walk. If your feet tend to swell, make sure your walking shoes will accommodate the swelling.
  • Stability: look for a shoe that offers proper stability for your stride. Make a trip to an athletic shoe store for a professional fitting to determine if you need extra support at the ankles. If you need added support, look for leather shoes that can provide strength without causing uncomfortable abrasions.

If you plan to walk every day, a walking shoe that is only worn for these workouts may last longer and provide you with better support than a shoe you wear all day for various activities.


3 responses to “What To Look For In A Walking Shoe After Weight Loss Surgery”

  1. Michelle C. Avatar
    Michelle C.

    There are a couple of good resources that I know of in Georgia for finding a good shoe. Phidippides in Atlanta is a great place to go. They actually analyze your foot while walking to get you the best fitting shoe. You are given more than one option so you are sure to find a shoe to fit your budget. Get Active in Valdosta offers a similar service for fitting you with a walking shoe. Shoe are like tires, they are only meant to take so many miles.

  2. margaret Avatar

    This is always a problem for me. I buy a shoe that seems to fit well then after two walks it hurts!

  3. Suzanne Zellner Avatar
    Suzanne Zellner

    Run, Fit Sports in Macon and also in Warner Robbins has a machine that you step on that helps to know what kind of walking shoe that you need. The owner is Perry Slaughter.

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