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Weight Loss Surgery Often Helps Migraines

Weight Loss Surgery Often Helps MigrainesA recent study has shown that adjustable lap band surgery can help curb migraine headaches in almost 90 percent of the morbidly obese who are migraine sufferers. According to the recent study, the regularity and severity of the migraine headaches in these patients was dramatically reduced following surgical procedures such as adjustable lap band surgery. This finding suggests that many people who are morbidly obese might not have migraines if not for their weight problems.

Although many of the morbidly obese suffer from medical problems that come along with migraines such as sleep apnea, anxiety disorder and depression, research during this study proved that the decrease in migraines was separate from changes in these conditions.

The connection between obesity and migraine headaches is not yet fully understood and is considered controversial by some, but according to this study there is a sure connection. Some previous studies have seemed to indicate that obesity may only make migraines worse and more frequent, while the most recent study does seem to indicate that the help of a weight loss surgeon and a surgery like adjustable lap band surgery can actually stop migraines completely. Regardless of the exact nature of the association, it has now become clear that migraine headaches and excess weight may have a strong correlation, and that removal of that extra weight can be very helpful for the patient.

This is great news for patients in Albany that suffer from migraine headaches and are eligible for weight loss surgery.


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