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Weight Loss Surgery Can Cure Type 2 Diabetes

A number of studies have indicated that weight loss surgery could be a solution for type 2 diabetes for many people. In one study, 73% of people who had type 2 diabetes went into complete remission after gastric sleeve surgery, and were even able to stop taking their diabetes medications over time.

Experts think that the food restrictions that patients must adhere to after weight loss surgery are the reason people go into remission. After some types of weight loss surgery, patients are not able to tolerate refined carbohydrates. Removing these from the diet drastically reduces blood sugar levels. The large amount of weight that patients lose after weight loss surgery also helps them become less insulin resistant.

It is well-established that losing excess weight and maintaining a healthy diet can help people who have type 2 diabetes lead healthier lives. Taking on the lifestyle changes that are required after weight loss surgery helps patients not only take the extra weight off, but can improve their general health and well-being. Making simple changes to your day to day routine right here in Macon, Georgia, after your gastric sleeve surgery can help you to lead a healthier life without adding cumbersome expectations and frustration. Going to the gym is not the only way to lose weight. Try going for a walk after dinner or before work. Simple solutions like this will help you to get active after having weight loss surgery and will also help you in treating your type 2 diabetes.


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