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Weight Control Myths

It is no secret that weight loss is difficult. Even after LAP-BAND surgery, it can be hard to maintain successful weight loss if we stray from our diet or exercise programs. At times when we are finding adhering to our post bariatric surgery weight loss program difficult, it can be tempting to lean on common myths as an excuse for taking shortcuts or dismissing appropriate nutrition altogether.

Here are some of the common myths we encounter. Take a look, and if you find yourself using any of them, reevaluate your goals and your reasons for weight loss surgery to get back on track quickly.

Drink water when you are hungry. When you drink water you stop being thirsty – not hungry. If you are hungry between scheduled meals, try a high protein snack. Talk to your weight loss surgery team so they can look at your meal plan and your fill schedule to make sure you get the most from your band.

One alcoholic drink won’t hurt. While there is evidence suggesting the beneficial anti-oxidant properties found in red wine, these properties do not extend to beer or spirits. There are two potential problems with alcoholic drinks. They offer no nutritional value and plenty of calories and they interfere with the centers of your brain that allow you to make smart gastric band related choices.   Overeating or poor nutrition choices are more likely if you drink alcohol.

Low fat means low calorie. In this age of sugar and fat substituting food additives, many manufacturers promote the healthful qualities of low or no fat food products. Some foods such as fruit and vegetables are naturally low in fat. However, if fat is reduced during processing, it is likely that the food is high in sugar calories. Check the food labels before selecting these products.

Skip breakfast to save calories. Your body soon adjusts to new eating behaviors. If you skip meals your body will tend to hang onto calories in an attempt to catch up on the meal you missed. Maintain a regular eating schedule. The routine will actually improve your metabolism so you burn calories consistently through the day.

Don’t eat after 8:00 PM. The time you eat is less important than the number of calories you consume. Stick to a schedule and don’t impose arbitrary restrictions on yourself based on time or day of the week.

I have a chocolate addiction. Chocolate has many properties but addiction is not one of them. The sensory experiences in the smell and taste of chocolate are much stronger than any psychoactive ingredients. You may have a strong desire for these foods but it is not an addictions and it can be overcome if you chose to.

I eat more when I exercise. If you are a professional athlete, it is a reasonable to increase calorie intake because of exercise. For the rest of us, eating extra to compensate for increased activity quickly undoes the weight loss benefits of a workout.  Exercise is actually supposed to decrease your appetite so if you find yourself thinking a snack and a sport drink are necessary after a 30 minute walk – think again


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