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Ways to Tone your Arms with Pilates

Using tools such as resistance or exercise bands, hand weights, and the Joseph Pilates Magic Circle, you can use Pilates exercises to tone your arms after LAP-BAND surgery. Be prepared with a Pilates mat and a large towel or blanket. Follow these four steps to see an improvement in the tone of your arms in 30 days:

  1. Sit on your mat with your legs stretched out in front of you, knees bent slightly and feet flexed up. Wrap your exercise band around the arches of your feet, cross it over your ankles, and wrap the bands around your hands for tension. Sit straight up with excellent posture and pull the band back so that it makes the shape of a V, pointing toward your feet. Breathe out as you pull back and breathe in as you release. Repeat this exercise five times.
  2. Lay your exercise band on your mat and sit down on top of it, with your legs crossed. With your right arm, take the band, wrap it around your hand for tension, inhale, and pull the band straight up over your head. Exhale as you reach for the ceiling. Do this five times with each arm.
  3. Lie down flat on your mat with your legs raised to a 45-degree angle. Using small hand-held weights, raise your head and lift your arms high enough so that they’re parallel to the floor. Inhale and exhale in sets of five while lifting and lowering your arms quickly.
  4. Using the Pilates Magic Circle, also known as the exercise ring, stand up and lean forward slightly. Hold the circle directly in front of you and squeeze it while exhaling. Inhale as you release, and repeat this exercise five times.


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  1. Michelle C. Avatar
    Michelle C.

    This proves you don’t have to spend a lot of money or obtain large equipment to get in shape. A set of hand weights and an elastic band will suffice. You don’t need heavy weights either. 2.5 to 3lb weights are perfect. More reps with lighter weights will give you lean muscles. If you want to bulk up, go for less reps with heavier weights and be sure to get your protein in, 60gm per day!

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