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Ways to Avoid Weight Regain During the Holidays

Concerned about your ability to stick with a weight loss program during the holiday season? The holidays are a difficult time for anyone struggling with weight management and having a gastric band does not make you immune from tempting foods and holiday drinks.

Here are a few simple tips to help you get through the holidays:

Don’t go to parties hungry.  Continue your regular eating routine and take a protein bar or shake with you in case you get hungry while you are out.

Focus on protein. As with your normal meals, eat the protein rich turkey or ham first when enjoying your holiday meals. Once you have met your protein requirements you may have a small portion of your favorite holiday food.

Stick to non-caloric drinks. Your band won’t help much if you drink your calories. Alcohol, eggnog and other holiday drinks are loaded with calories and slip right past your band. Take your own calorie free drinks if you are not sure what will be available.

Avoid mindless snacking. Chew gum to prevent putting food in your mouth out of habit or as a response to stress.

Choose a small plate. Put your food on the smallest plate you can find, cut it up small, chew slowly, and spend more time talking than eating. The small plate won’t make your tiny portions so obvious. When you cut up your food it spreads out and appears to take up more space.  You need to give your stomach plenty of time to signal it is full, so chew slowly and do something other than just sitting and eating.

Focus on People. When food is such an important part of holiday gatherings, it is hard to escape from it. If you don’t hang out in the kitchen or around the buffet it will be easier to shift your priority away from food and onto the social part of holiday get-togethers.

With a little preparation and a commitment to maintaining your weight loss program even in challenging times, you will emerge from the holidays on track with your weight loss.


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  1. Katrina Nixon Avatar
    Katrina Nixon

    Thank you for the advice and I have already lost 12 lbs on the sugar buster diet and I plan to stick to my diet during the holidays also. Thanks for the tips

    Katrina Nixon

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