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Watch your Calories as you Eat Out

Those who are looking for weight loss in Albany need to be very careful about how they eat when they are out at restaurants, bars, and clubs. The food at a typical restaurant may not be conducive to a diet that is focused on weight loss, but making the right choices during your meals out on the town will help make the difference in your weight loss journey.

The first thing to remember about a restaurant menu is that the alcoholic beverages they offer are all made up of nothing but empty calories. Though you may enjoy a drink now and then, you will not be getting any benefits from it and the calories are there regardless of how good the drink is.

When you are ordering the food itself, you have some choices when it comes to how the food is prepared. There are many items on restaurant menus that are fried, however, many of them can be ordered grilled or pan-seared as an alternative. Do not be afraid to ask for a different method of preparation since the food is generally being cooked to order anyways.

When you order salads and any other food that comes with sauces and dressings, ask for those sauces and dressings to be left on the side. This allows you to control the amount that you put on your food. Also, the dressings and sauces you pick have a great influence on the total number of calories you eat. Oil and vinegar dressing is a good option, and sauces that low in fat are a better choice.

Forgoing dessert can also help you to cut down on your total calories. Have a healthy cookie or dessert at home. Each of these choices can help you to lose weight and cut down on you calorie intake.



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