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Traveling with your Lap-Band

Having lap band surgery means a lifetime of careful eating afterwards. Making the right food decisions is often difficult enough without any restrictions, but how do you handle air travel under the yoke of dietary restrictions? The simple answer is to plan ahead before you leave Albany, GA or when you are on your way home.

In an effort to save money, many short-haul airlines have stopped offering meal service, and if they do offer on board snacks they’re usually not healthy or not appropriate for those who’ve had weight loss surgery. That leaves the airport for eating meals between flights or to pass time during delays. The food offered in air terminals is usually no healthier, or if you do find a healthy meal you end up having to throw out most of it because you can’t consume that much food at one time.

Don’t get caught in a trap and make sure that you plan ahead. Airport security may restrict you from bringing liquids through security, but there are no laws against bringing snacks, and there are always water bottles for sale on the other side of security. Bring along a small bag filled with individual zippered plastic bags filled with nuts, easy to eat fruits like grapes or apple slices, lean protein, bananas, individually wrapped cheese sticks, grape tomatoes and so on.

Traveling with small amounts of protein powder that are easily mixed in a water bottle is another great suggestion.

Whether you are traveling to a foreign country or a location you’re unfamiliar with, stop at the local supermarket to load up on foods that you know you can eat. Having something with you at all times will reduce your chances of having to eat something you know you shouldn’t!


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