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Tips to Stay Mindful as you Lose Weight

Be mindful after weight loss surgery in MaconHow paying attention can keep you motivated and happy after weight loss surgery in Macon

People choose to undergo weight loss surgery for many reasons, but the primary factor is almost always health-related. Though slimming down has other benefits, your weight loss surgeon in Macon has likely explained to you that a bigger waist size greatly increases your risk of developing troubling conditions like hypertension, type-2 diabetes and heart disease. However, some weight loss hopefuls fail to reach their goals because they focus too much on the scale. Long-term success relies not only on healthy eating and regular exercise after surgery, but the way the body is treated as well.

As you lose weight, you should be mindful and appreciative of your body while focusing on praise rather than criticism each step of the way. This will make your weight loss journey happier, healthier and ultimately more successful.

Eat for Nourishment

Western eating habits are big contributors to the rise of obesity in America. Many people eat their meals so fast that they consume far more than they need to. Others regard food as the enemy, which is what helped spawn non-nourishing low-fat and fat-free foods during the 1980s.

Instead, food should be simply seen as a way to nourish the body. Take time out of the day to actually enjoy your healthy snacks and meals again, paying close attention to the healthy foods you choose. Chew slowly and think about how the particular foods are providing your body with energy, giving it fuel to become stronger and healthier. Being mindful of the foods you eat will help you exercise portion control after Lap Band and remember that food is not your enemy.

Feel the Burn

Many people struggle to keep up with exercise programs, but regular workouts are crucial to long-term success after weight loss surgery. One easy way to make yourself more interested in physical activity is to take a step back and think about how a particular workout impacts your body.

Be mindful of the different motions your body goes through and think about all the different ways your workout is making your body fitter. Flexibility, strength and better energy levels are all reasons to appreciate working out. By focusing on these qualities and not just calorie-burning, weight-loss hopefuls may find it easier to stick to their routines.

Set Realistic Goals

Though goal setting is important for any patient after weight loss surgery, it is important to set your targets within reason. Setting goals that are impossible to achieve will only frustrate you and impede your progress.

Instead, shoot for reachable targets that allow you to celebrate small victories and appreciate the body for its other qualities. You may want to lose weight at an inhumanly rapid pace, but this would not be healthy for the body even if it were possible. Your weight loss surgeon in Macon will tell you—weight loss takes time and dedication, so set achievable goals that keep you celebrating your progress every step of the way.

As you shed pounds after weight loss surgery, it’s natural to take frequent looks at the scale and fret over your progress, but gluing yourself to your scale won’t help you lose weight any faster and neither will worrying yourself over insensible goals. You will lose weight after weight loss surgery, but staying mindful of the different aspects of your journey will help you stay calm, happy and motivated as you do so.


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  1. Louise Skaggs Avatar
    Louise Skaggs

    I have always been a fast eater-the guidelines for preparing for and following lap band surgery should help me learn to eat more slowly.

    I have learned thru past dieting experience that how my clothes fit (especially in the waist) is often a better measure of weight loss that is the scale.

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