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The Benefits to Stretching as a Part of Weight Loss Surgery Recovery

Stretching is a quiet, reflective and non-intrusive act, and it can be done just about anywhere, at any time. Following bariatric surgery, doctors in southwest Georgia typically recommend that people begin by doing simple exercises like walking and stretching as a means of becoming mobile again. Even though it is traditionally thought of as a part of a comprehensive exercise routine, experts agree that stretching has many health benefits, especially for those who have recently undergone weight loss surgery.

Stretching helps maintain flexibility, which is extremely important for people who are experiencing extreme body changes. Muscles that are flexible are less likely to become injured when you are going about your daily life. Consider the act of bending to retrieve something that has been dropped or rushing to get out of the cold; these are just examples of things that will be easier if your muscles are flexible.

Stretching allows you to have a greater range of motion. As your body grew heavier over time, your weight puts excess strain on your joints. Now that you are losing weight thanks to bariatric surgery, it’s important that you improve the range of motion in your joints to keep you mobile. You’ll enjoy better balance, which can reduce the incidence of injury in case of falls.

Stretching increases blood flow to muscles and other organs. Additionally, improved circulation helps aid in tissue repair and can therefore help you recovery more quickly from the weight loss surgery itself, or from other injuries you might experience.

Stretching is a way to help reduce stress by relaxing muscles and centering the mind. Improving your flexibility, circulation and range of motion are all things that can help you gain composure and focus. The months following weight loss surgery can be stressful, but stretching is a way you can help to relieve stress, prevent injury and aid your body in repairing itself.


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