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Surviving your First Thanksgiving after Weight Loss Surgery

If you have recently undergone weight reduction surgery such as a gastric bypass or a lap band procedure, you may be feeling anxious about surviving your first Thanksgiving. After all, Columbus is known for its hearty meals and big family gatherings. Spending your holiday in the embrace of your loved ones and getting through the holiday unscathed is easier if you’re prepared. Here are five tips to help you ease your way through your first Thanksgiving after bariatric surgery.

Plan Your Meals

If you are making the meal, plan some healthy options that you feel comfortable eating. Not only will this help you stick to your dietary plan, it can introduce mindful eating habits to your loved ones. If you’re attending a dinner at a love one’s home, offer to bring a dish.

Make It a Potluck

Don’t force yourself to prepare a gigantic meal! You will be tempted to taste far too often. Instead, ask your guests to each bring a dish. Not only will this offer up a more varied meal, but there will be less pressure on you to sample everything.

Incorporate Movement

Some families have a tradition of taking a long walk before and after the big meal. Others play flag football or soccer. Start a new tradition by making time to move and exercise throughout the holiday. This will encourage good digestion and give you quality time with your family.

Refuse Left-Overs

No matter how delicious, they will simply encourage you to snack more often. Conversely, if the meal is at your home, hand out all the left-overs to your departing guests.

Be on Kitchen Detail

Help clean up the table and do the dishes afterwards. By keeping busy, you’ll be less tempted by the dessert offerings. It’s hard to keep picking at food if you’re elbow-deep in soap suds.

Surviving your first Thanksgiving in Columbus after weight reduction surgery can be a challenge. By keeping these tips in mind, you can incorporate more movement and better dietary choices into your holiday.


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