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Summer Safety Tips for Fitness

Stay Cool in Macon during Exercise after Lap BandStaying active after Lap Band surgery will help keep your weight loss on track and build muscle to improve your strength and physique, but the heat of a Georgia summer can make outdoor activities seem impossible. You don’t have to let the heat keep you from enjoying outdoor workout, but it’s important to keep safety a top priority—especially as the temperatures keep rising. With a few preparations, you won’t need to move your fitness routine indoors just yet.

Here are some tips to help keep you cool as you work out this summer after Lap Band surgery:

  • Allow yourself to acclimate. It takes time for your body to adjust to working out in higher temperatures. Instead of heading straight out into the mid-afternoon sun, try exercising at dusk or in the morning when temperatures are less intense. Gradually increase the amount of time you spend exercising in the heat to give your body time to acclimate. For many people, it takes about two weeks to adjust.
  • Choose cooler places to exercise. If you usually work out directly in the sun, take the time to map out some shadier areas. You can take shelter from the sun’s hot rays under a path covered by trees or buildings or even near a body of water where the breeze is more prominent.
  • Dress smart for workouts. It may be smart to invest in moisture-wicking clothing to help keep you cool. Such clothing is designed to wick away sweat and is light-weight and breathable, leaving you cooler and drier than materials like cotton. Also, dark-colored clothing absorbs heat, so pick exercise gear in lighter colors. Try wearing  a thin hat, visor or sweat band to protect your head.
  • Split exercise into shorter sessions. If you typically engage in one long bout of physical exercise, it may be wise to split it up to avoid exposing yourself to extreme conditions for a long period of time. Dividing one long session into shorter sessions will be just as effective.
  • Hydrate before, during and after. Exercising in the sun can take a toll on your body’s fluid levels. It’s best to stay hydrated at all periods of the day when you’re exercising in the outdoors. Invest in a reusable water bottle that you can bring with you during your outdoor workouts.

To stay safe as you exercise outdoors this summer, remember to stay cool and hydrated. Wear sunscreen and protective clothing, and always consult us before trying any new, strenuous activity after Lap Band surgery, especially in the heat.


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