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Sticking to Your Weight Loss Workout Schedule

Sticking to Your Weight Loss Workout ScheduleCreating a workout plan is one thing, but following through is entirely another. Though exercise may have been new to you when you first visited a bariatric surgeon in Albany or Macon, it will need to become a regular part of your daily life as you continue to lose weight. This means not only creating a schedule that works well, but making sure you maintain that schedule too.

For some people, skipped workouts are the result of a lack of time; for others, it’s simply a motivational issue. If you find yourself bailing on the plans you make, it’s important to recognize the problem and start taking steps to create a more sustainable exercise program that helps you build your fitness after bariatric surgery.

To stay motivated and maintain your workout schedule, give these tips a try:

  • Be more realistic. If you’ve never been a morning person but frequently plan to get up at 5 a.m. for a workout in the wee hours, there’s a good chance you’ll be snoozing through your chance to exercise. You need to schedule your workouts at times you’re more likely to actually get them done, and this means considering when will work best for you. Consider times that will make it easier to fit in fitness around your other responsibilities, even if this means exercising later or splitting your workout into smaller 10-minute segments.
  • Have more fun. Many people diligently force themselves through workouts they don’t enjoy simply because they know burning calories is a necessity, but exercise never has to be a chore. If you choose activities you like, you’ll never have trouble getting yourself to stay motivated to do them. Work on making exercise more of a hobby than a burden and you’ll find it simple to get the workouts you need.
  • Get technological. In this age of ubiquitous smartphones, many of us have the ideal scheduling tool on us at all times. You need to treat your workouts like any other important appointment, so make them harder to forget about by recording them on Google Calendar or another scheduling app. This makes it possible to check your schedule on your mobile device any time you like, and you can even set up reminders on your phone to jog your memory about the plans you make.

Even the most meticulous exercise schedule will do no good if your planned workouts continue to pass by uncompleted. If you have any questions about making an exercise schedule that works after bariatric surgery in Albany or Macon, let us know in the comments below.


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