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Stepping Out in New Walking Shoes

Increasing activity after bariatric surgery is easier than you may think. Even if you have been inactive for years, as you lose weight you will find exercising becomes easier because of increased energy levels and reduced stress on your hip, knee, and ankle joints. Increasing activity doesn’t have to mean going to the gym or buying expensive equipment. An activity as simple as a daily walk can make giant improvements in your overall health and help you lose weight.

Wearing the right shoes when you walk can mean the difference between a constructive walk that helps you burn calories and a walk that does more harm than good. When you are walking for exercise, you need walking shoes that support your arches while offering cushioned support of your heels and the balls of your feet. Wearing the right shoes can help you avoid sprains, strains, plantar fasciitis and other painful foot problems.

Your heels were created with a certain amount of padding that can wear thin over time. In order to help absorb shocks caused by running and exercise, you must wear walking shoes that replace and reinforce this padding. Additionally, the more weight you put on your feet, the more support the bones in your arches can use. The balls of your feet also have padding that can deteriorate over time. Walking shoes provide additional padding in this area to ease the pain of walking.

Your feet have a lot of work to do in your daily life and new exercise can be fun and enjoyable, so take the proper precautions with your footwear so that your muscles and feet are not aching after. Be sure to take care of them by investing in the right shoes for your walks, and they’ll keep you up and active for years to come.


2 responses to “Stepping Out in New Walking Shoes”

  1. I went to the beach recently – went to the Nike outlet and actually bought a pair of cross-trainers(sneakers). I couldn’t believe it. I was actually considering exercise! They have been wonderful. Although with my busy lifestyle it’s been interesting finding differnt ways to exercise. I run with my kids and the dog just in my neighborhood, which can be exhausting. I’m loving my new Nike’s!!!!

  2. I really love walking at the Riverwalk… people are friendly and the animals love it. Since I have lost weight it is so much more fun!!! I love my lap band!!!!!! I love the NEW me with my lap band!

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