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Stay Mindful to Eat Less

America is suffering from an obesity epidemic, and many people blame it on the country’s tendency to dine out often. Restaurants across the country routinely serve up extra-large portions of high-calorie foods, creating a risky environment for dieters and health-conscious diners. Avoiding these establishments is the obvious solution, but there is good news for people who do not want to sacrifice their meals out.

A new study conducted by the University of Texas shows that diners can both enjoy their favorite meals and lose weight at the same time. The trick is to practice more mindful eating. The methods involved focus on enjoying meals and recognizing signs of fullness and hunger. Researchers tracked over 30 women who dined out regularly and represented a wide range of body types and weights.

Women in the mindful-eating group were taught how to avoid bingeing, make healthier food choices and select healthy portion sizes. They were also encouraged to think about their feelings of hunger and fullness. The women who went through this training were still eating out as much as they had previously, but they lost an average of nearly four pounds each by the end of the study. Researchers believe the weight loss can be attributed to the practices that taught the women to be more mindful of their food choices, including their feelings about food and portion sizes.

Dieters can easily implement mindful eating practices both at home and at restaurants. When out to eat, never order food without first considering what you really want. Instead of ordering impulsively, think about your goals for weight loss in Albany and make a smart choice. Ask for condiments like butter, gravy or salad dressing on the side so that you are in control of how much you consume. Stop eating when you are satisfied, not full. Enjoy your meal by focusing on its flavor and texture. Take your time and enjoy every bite. Eating more mindfully in this manner will allow you to enjoy your meals in a healthy way.


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