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Social Media for Sustaining Weight Loss

Use Social Media to Sustain Weight Loss in MaconWho could have thought your Facebook account or smart phone could ever become the ultimate weight loss tool (besides your Lap Band, of course)? In addition to the support from your weight loss surgeon in Macon, social media sites and applications can be more than just platforms to post pictures and “like” posts on—they can be used as support tools to help you sustain weight loss results and remain on track with healthy lifestyle goals long-term.

Get to know online buddies with similar goals

Social media sites such as Facebook or Google+ are platforms where people can share their thoughts, ideas and photos from everyday life. You can use such sites to connect with fellow recipients of bariatric surgeries who have goals similar to yours. Surrounding yourself with people who have similar healthy lifestyle objectives can help inspire you to stay on track with your weight loss and fitness goals.

Think about it: each day you can log in and read the posts of other bariatric surgery recipients concerning their achievements, struggles and possibly even advice on how to sustain weight loss long-term after surgery. It’s easy to search for friends with similar health interests—search for hashtags that correspond to your weight loss goals in Twitter or check out your weight loss surgeon’s Facebook page to find friends at your practice in Macon or Albany.

Build your own online weight loss support group

Facebook and Google+ are the two most popular and feature rich social media platforms that allow users to create their own “groups” or “circles”. Use such features to your advantage by building your own post-surgery weight loss support group on the Internet. You may add whomever you’d like and choose to make the group public or private. Here in your groups you can all interact with one another by sharing success stories, fitness achievements, weight loss goals, etc. You can even set specific dates and times for everyone to log in and hold a private support group session all via the Internet. Support groups make for excellent inspiration after bariatric surgery and it’s all at the click of a button.

 Join an online bariatric surgery forum

Obesity Help is one of the best online weight loss surgery forums for bariatric patients looking for motivation and support via the Internet. This website’s main forum for weight loss surgery allows members to post messages and comments and interact with another on the web. You can share your interests, advices or ask other members for help concerning life after weight loss surgery. Members of Obesity Help are always eager and happy to share their personal stories with one another and offer advice in anyway shape or form to make their fellow members feel at home. Head over to their main page and sign up to be a member for free.

Use your smartphone’s weight loss applications

Many smartphones today allow users to download apps from their carrier’s app store. Here you can search for thousands of weight loss or fitness applications that can be used as supplemental tools for weight loss after bariatric surgery. You can find applications that provide fitness routines, calorie counters and even download nutrition information for your favorite local restaurants. All of these tools can be used to your advantage to sustain weight loss after bariatric surgery.

Are you ready to bring your weight loss efforts to the web? Head over to Palmyra Surgical’s Facebook page to interact with us and our patients. Here you can catch up on current bariatric and fitness news, read articles containing exercise and general health advice as well as inspiring posts from other bariatric surgery friends of the practice. While you’re there, remember to “like” the page so you can stay up-to-date with what’s going on Palmyra Surgical and if you’re feeling social, share your own weight loss inspirations or advices—we’d love to hear from you!


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