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Silencing Your Inner Critic for Weight Loss

Silencing Your Inner Critic for Weight Loss in MaconAt times, each of us can feel the nagging of an inner critic, that pessimistic voice that calls attention to our flaws. When you’re feeling down, your inner critic may remind you of how much better things would be if you were thinner, richer or better looking, then blame you for not picking up the slack. Despite the fact that you’re only human, it is often unwilling to cut you a break.

When you face the abuse of your inner critic, it can be easy to forget that it is a part of you and, as such, can be controlled. The inner critic is simply you at your most cynical, sabotaging your attempts at self-improvement with doubts about your competence—but all that negativity won’t be much help with your weight loss in Macon.

The first step in overcoming your inner critic is to acknowledge it. Turning a blind eye to unpleasant thoughts and emotions can increase their intensity, worsening the problem. You need to acknowledge that these emotions are real, but remember that your inner critic can be a bully. Your inner critic is just another obstacle you’ll have to face in your weight loss journey, a self-doubting hurdle trying to keep you in a comfort zone that really isn’t all that comfortable.

Remember: you are the master of your own future and shouldn’t let any negative thought, even one of your own, ruin your progress towards your goals. The next time you hear the nagging voice of your inner critic, ask yourself these questions:

  • Where does your inner critic hang out? Think about the top ten places and situations where your inner critic is most likely to show up. Is it your workplace, your home, at social gatherings? Does your inner critic pop its uninvited head in whenever you step on the scale or look in the mirror? By figuring out when your inner critic is most likely to appear, you’ll make it easier to prepare yourself to deal with it.
  • What does your inner critic look like? The practice may seem silly at first, but try to draw a picture of what your inner critic might look like. What are his or her physical characteristics? Is s/he wearing a goofy outfit, or nagging at you with a scrunched up, irritated face? You don’t have to be Michelangelo, but creating a humorous picture of that troubling inner voice can quickly diminish its power.
  • What are your inner critic’s favorite lies? Each of our inner critics has those favored phrases they love to tell us. Our inner critics will do everything they can to make us believe these repeated lies, twisting logic to make us think they’re true. Think of each of these oft-uttered inner criticisms and the realities that refute them. Whenever your resolve is threatened, remind yourself why you’re focused on reaching your goals and all the little things that make you great.

By developing a more realistic view of your inner critic, you can take away some of its power, reducing the sway that it has in disrupting your progress. We all need to acknowledge the critical, negative thoughts that inhabit our minds, but we also need to learn how to refute them, how to push them out of the way when they impede our path to a healthier life.

How else can we silence the negativity of our inner critics? Share your experiences, tips and questions in the comments below!


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