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Signs of Success after Lap Band Surgery

Weight Loss Success Signs after Lap Band Surgery in MaconAs you transition into a healthier lifestyle after Lap Band Surgery, you’ll likely be keeping track of all the weight loss success signs you possibly can. Though you can gain tons of encouragement by reading the signs of your weight loss progress, it’s important to save your “weight” for last. It will take time for your body to lose excess weight after Lap Band, so checking your weight every few days may not be the most encouraging of ideas. Since your weight takes the longest to change, make sure it’s the last sign of success you look to when reviewing your Lap Band transformation.

Here are some additional signs to spot weight loss success after Lap Band surgery.

Success Sign: Pay attention to your clothes and how they fit

The number on the scale isn’t always the most accurate way to gauge weight loss after surgery, as it’s likely to fluctuate from time to time. Instead, pay close attention to how your clothes fit you. You may notice that a shirt or pair of old pants that was previously tight-fitting is no longer snug to your body—in fact, they may even seem a bit too loose. You don’t have to go out and buy new clothes every time you realize certain old ones no longer fit. Wait until the clothes become obviously too big and buy a few new items with elastic stretch that you’ll be able to wear even as you lose weight.

Success Sign: Increased energy levels

As you begin to lose weight after Lap Band, exercise will become easier and you’ll feel less sluggish and unmotivated than you did before. Gauging your energy levels is an easy way to spot weight loss success without reverting to the scale for answers. Take advantage of these increased energies levels and let them serve as your motivation for physical activity. The more active you are on a daily basis, the faster you’ll lose weight and remain in shape after successful weight loss.

Success Sign: Reduced appetite and cravings

Though reduced appetite is likely the sign of your Lap Band doing its job, you may find that the cravings you previously had for unhealthy products seem to subside. Whether the cravings are reduced as a result of your decreased appetite or because your new healthy mentality no longer allows for such set-backs, monitoring these aspects are motivating signs of weight loss success.

Success Sign: Improved quality of sleep

If you’re a Lap Band patient who previously suffered from sleep apnea, it’s likely that you’ll see an improvement in your quality of sleep as you lose weight. The more weight you lose after Lap Band surgery, the better your chances are of improving your sleep.

Success Sign: Weigh yourself at appropriate times

Every Lap Band patient will lose weight at a different pace—while one patient may lose 15 pounds over the course of a month, another may lose slightly more or less. To determine what an appropriate weigh-in schedule is for your individual case, talk with your Lap Band surgeon. Dr. John Bagnato will be able to help you figure out an appropriate timeframe for weighing yourself after surgery.

Though lost pounds will likely be the most rewarding success sign for weight loss after Lap Band, remember it’s also the trickiest. In between your weigh-ins, try to gauge weight loss success with some of these additional signs and avoid relying on the scale as your only motivator.


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