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Preparing for Lap Band

When you’ve decided to lose that excess weight permanently, a weight loss surgeon in Albany can help you achieve your goal. Adjustable lap band surgery offers a less invasive method of restricting food intake than the most extensive gastric bypass surgery. Lap band surgery does take preparation to ensure that you’re in the best possible health before your surgery.

The first step in preparing for lap band surgery is to make sure you understand exactly what lap band surgery entails. Even after lap band surgery, you won’t lose weight unless you follow certain rules. Talk to your surgeon and the nutritionist to make sure you understand your food restrictions both prior to the surgery and in the first few weeks afterward.

Prepare your pantry by cleaning out all the foods you won’t be allowed to eat, especially in the first week post-surgery weeks. Stock your kitchen with plenty of liquids, since you may be restricted to a liquid diet for a time after surgery.

Your surgeon may also require you to quit smoking if applicable, and will also encourage you to start an exercise program. You may also have to start dietary restrictions before surgery, both to shrink the size of your liver, which makes the surgery easier, and to get you in the habit of following a new diet.

Your doctor will also require medical testing and blood work to uncover any possible health issues before surgery. Testing may include an electrocardiogram to check your heart function. Your doctor will also take a thorough medical history, including a list of all your current medications. Remember to tell your doctor if you take any herbal preparations, which may cause excessive bleeding during surgery.

Follow your doctor’s instructions scrupulously the day of surgery. Most lap band procedures are done as outpatient surgeries. Do not eat or drink unless instructed to do so. Remember to take your insurance card and clothing that won’t irritate your incision on the way home. And one last thing–take a “before” picture so you have something to compare the “new you” to in the weeks ahead!


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