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Popular Nature Trails in the Albany, Georgia Area

Living in South Georgia makes getting active after bariatric surgery easier. Southern Georgia could not be more different than its northern half. Without a large city like Atlanta, southern Georgia is a quiet, more rural setting. In southern Georgia, there is almost no need to restrict yourself to a designated nature trail in order to enjoy nature walking. However, for your safety, it is best to do so. Nature trails are patrolled by rangers and are more easily searched if you should become lost. If you decide to hike one of Albany’s nature trails, be sure to let a friend or family member know where you plan to be, and when you plan to be back.

Popular Nature Trails in the Albany, Georgia Area

Chickasawhatchee Wildlife Management Area: The Chickasawhatchee area is located in Albany. It is a wildlife refuge with many different species of wildlife to enjoy.

Parks at Chehaw: Not only can you enjoy wildlife and nature trails at the Parks at Chehaw, you can also enjoy the water.

Kolomoki Mounds State Historical Park: Learn about Indian burial mounds while enjoying a museum, nature trails and a lake at the Kolomoki Mounds park.

No matter where you decide to enjoy your nature trails, be sure to wear the proper clothing and drink plenty of water to avoid dehydration.


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  1. In the Macon area there are two good ones – the Ocmulgee River Walk (most people know about this one) and the Hitachi Trail (near Jarrel Plantation). Also, if you live near GEICO, walking the parking lot around the old building is approximatly a mile.

  2. margaret Avatar

    Went out of town this weekend…I LOVE staying in motels…and I have found that I like walking around them…yes, I mean around the actual motels…better than on the treadmills….okay, only whent he weather was nice like it was this weekend!

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