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Popular Biking Trails in the Albany, Georgia Area

Take advantage of the great outdoors in and around Albany this month as you look for new ways to increase activity for weight loss. The nature trails and parks here are educational and breathtaking and the biking trails are long and rambling.

The longest biking trail in Albany, Georgia is the Albany Nut Roll Classic. It measures an astonishing 101.4 miles, but allows you to break off at three different spots so you don’t have to complete the entire course. The course was named by the local bike club, the Pecan City Pedalers.

Not quite as long as the Nut Roll Classic trail, the Thomasville Plantation Ramble is a moderate 23.9 miles, It is just a few short miles north of Florida and is really more Thomasville than Albany. It is a beautiful route in a temperate climate.

Load Up the Bikes for a Day Trip

It is a good idea to begin this type of exercise with a short bike ride and then work your way up to longer ones as you feel stronger. A great way to do this is to plan a stop along the way as a built-in break. One place that you can go is the boyhood home of Jimmy Carter in Plains, GA. Stop, take in a bit of American history and re-hydrate yourself for the ride back.

Leesburg, GA is a neighboring city where you can take a break and rest in the area as well. Be sure to plan your route so you have enough energy to get back once you get to your destination so that it remains an enjoyable outing instead of an unwanted challenge.

The terrain in this region is made up primarily of rolling hills, so it can be a bit harder than riding on flat land. Be sure to take that into consideration when you are planning your ride.

If you want to venture out a bit to the north you can also try riding near Americus, GA . The northern area here has more hills than the trail does in the south, so choose your route accordingly. Follow the trail to the village of Andersonville and you can stop in to see the the Civil War museum in town if you would like a short rest.

No matter which route you choose, be sure to wear the proper clothing for a safe and enjoyable ride. Wear sunscreen even on overcast days, since UV rays can still be present. Make sure to pack plenty of water and a first aid kit. Do not go into a wilderness trail without a map and compass, and be sure to let a friend know where you plan to be.

Do you have a favorite ride in the Albany area? Leave a comment and share your outdoor activity ideas with us.


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