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Overcoming Obstacles to Weight Loss

Overcoming Obstacles to Weight Loss

If every mistake led to ultimate failure, then no-one would accomplish anything. As Eleanor Roosevelt once said, “with a new day comes new strength and new thoughts.” If you find yourself facing a mistake or regret, think of ways that you can move past it and continue forward.

After weight loss surgery, try to maintain a positive attitude—especially when you feel like you’ve slipped up in your diet or exercise habits. Learning strategies to turn a small mistake around and get back on track can prevent you from re-gaining weight and falling farther away from your weight loss goals.

Challenge and Triumph Leads to Weight Loss Success

Your weight loss journey is likely to be filled with ups and downs. Even after surgery there are going to be curves and obstacles that you might not have anticipated, but will have to work through if you wish to move forward.

There are certain challenges that are especially common within weight loss programs. They include:

  • Special occasions and holidays that make it difficult to maintain your weight loss plan
  • Stressful workdays that lead to missed workouts
  • The need for quick meals that result in fast-food trips
  • Weight loss plateaus that often cause frustration as the scale remains steady
  • Emotional eating triggers, like stress, excitement and fatigue

Obstacles like these are frequently discouraging, but you don’t have to let them become larger problems than they already are. You’ve likely heard the old saying, “two wrongs don’t make a right.” One mistake doesn’t have to lead to another. A small slip up might cause you to take one step back, but that doesn’t undo the progress you’ve already made.

Strategies for Weight Loss Success

Instead of dwelling on the negative, use a slip-up as an opportunity to renew your commitment to your weight loss program. There are several strategies that can help you do this:

  • Turn to your support network: Connecting with others who have experienced similar setbacks and learning from their mistakes can help you move forward. You may connect with a local support network, or join a group online.
  • Review your progress: Have a look at just how far you have come. You can look at old pictures, review your weight loss journal and even talk with your friends and family about changes they see in your life. This might be the encouragement you need to continue moving forward in the face of a slip-up.

No journey is completed in one step. The decision to get weight loss surgery is just one step in your weight loss journey. Through perseverance, a positive mindset and plenty of encouragement along the way, you can overcome any obstacle you come across.


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