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More Energy While Losing Weight

Low-carbohydrate diets have been touted as an easy way to lose weight quickly, but getting rid of carbohydrates may mean sacrificing some of your energy.

While low-carb diets can cause a quick drop in weight, most of the weight you’ll lose is water weight that comes from water in your muscles. It’s better to focus on building lean muscle and losing fat if you want to look and feel better long term.

If you want to lose weight and have energy, the key is to focus on eating a balanced diet that includes the right kind of carbohydrates. Focus on eating carbohydrates that come with valuable fiber. Complex carbohydrates will help regulate your blood sugar levels and give you valuable nutrients with very few calories. Examples of complex carbohydrates include: whole fruits, vegetables, beans, whole-grain breads, cereals made from whole grains, and brown rice.

Eating a diet that is made of up lean proteins, fiber, and good carbohydrates while also being low in calories and fat is the healthiest way to lose weight. You may lose weight more slowly, but it will be easier to keep the weight off in the long run. A balanced diet with moderate exercise will also help you feel better while you’re working to lose weight.


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  1. missy baty Avatar
    missy baty

    A balanced diet will also help keep your blood sugars from spiking, helping you to maintain a more even energy level.

  2. Michelle C. Avatar
    Michelle C.

    Eating a balanced diet is a great way to have more energy while losing weight. It is also important to remember to take your daily multi-vitamin and to exercise. Believe it or not, exercising does give you more energy. Going for a brisk walk 3-5 times per week will boost you up. Also, be sure to get you water in: 64oz per day!

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