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Lower Your Risk of Regaining Weight

One of the biggest concerns after weight loss surgery is how to keep from gaining back the weight that you have lost. Many weight loss patients only follow up with their medical practitioners for two years after surgery. This can be problematic because sometimes people develop health problems that are associated with weight loss surgery only several years after the procedure. As weight loss surgery becomes more common, doctors are realizing the need for long term patient plans to help keep weight off. Follow-up care is essential in order to decide on the right path for patients after bariatric surgery.

Here are some of the current recommendations:

  • Patients should have regular monitoring and nutritional counseling to make sure that they are meeting their daily requirements. Iron, B-12, folate, glucose and several other macro and micro nutrient levels should all be assessed.
  • If you gain the weight back, you and your doctor should consider whether a revision surgery should be performed.
  • After weight loss surgery, you need to get between 60 and 120 grams of protein each day.
  • If you have Type-2 diabetes you must be monitored to make sure that their glucose levels stay within healthy parameters.
  • The advice of a well-rounded group of medical professionals, including psychologists, nutritionists and endocrinologists can help you stay on a path to optimum health.
  • Your doctor and physical fitness experts here in the Albany, GA area can help you to develop a plan to stay physically active after weight loss surgery in order to keep the weight off and become healthier in general.

Having weight loss surgery is just the first step toward losing weight and becoming healthier. Maintaining your weight and health is a lifetime endeavor with satisfying results.


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