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Lose Weight with an Exercise Partner

Lose weight in Albany or Macon with a fitness partnerAs you lose weight in Albany or Macon, your friends and family can be a big help, offering kind words and encouraging support after weight loss surgery. They can be instrumental in keeping your weight loss on track, but so can one other important member of your support system: a fitness partner.

Your ideal fitness partner may be a close friend or family member, or perhaps another member of your gym trying to lose weight just as you are. Regardless of where you find a good workout buddy, the benefits of exercising with others are clear and can make a big difference in your fitness program.

Here are a few ways that finding a workout buddy can help you lose weight in Albany or Macon:

  • Accountability. When you plan a workout alone, you won’t run the risk of disappointing anyone by skipping out. Set an exercise date with a buddy, however, and you’ll have to come up with much more than a flimsy excuse to bail. We’re far more likely to follow through on our workout plans when we make them with someone else.
  • Rivalry. A bit of friendly competition can do wonders for boosting workout intensity. We tend to exercise more efficiently in groups, pushing ourselves harder to keep up with others. And don’t worry about this competition impacting your relationships—in one survey, a majority of women who worked out with buddies said that doing so improved their friendship.
  • Socialization. Let’s face it—exercise can be boring, especially when your workout has you mindlessly pedaling through miles alone on a stationary bike. Bringing a friend along will make it much easier to stay interested in exercise as you lose weight, giving you a friendly face to talk to while burning calories.

When it comes to a workout buddy, anyone can be helpful, but the ideal partner will be someone who has similar exercise needs to your own. Find a partner who shares your fitness level—someone else trying to lose weight in Albany or Macon may do nicely. Though your closest friends may seem like good choices, they may not be able to motivate you as well as someone else, so find a partner who won’t have a problem calling you out when you’re slacking off (in a friendly way, of course).

If you’ve having trouble finding a good fitness partner, try taking a look at:

  • Your gym. If you notice other gym-goers working out regularly at the same time you do, why not join forces? Break the ice with a casual conversation, then suggest exercising together once you’ve gotten to know him or her a little better.
  • Your support groups. Weight loss surgery support groups are excellent places to meet others in very similar situations to your own. As you bond with members over shared experiences, suggest arranging a group workout, or ask one member you get along with to work out with you.

An exercise partner can make a big difference in your fitness program as you lose weight in Albany and Macon. What are some other ways a fitness partner has helped you lose weight after weight loss surgery? Share your experiences in the comments below.


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