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Lose Weight to Your Favorite Songs

Lose Weight in Albany or Macon to Your Favorite SongsHow a well-crafted workout playlist can boost your exercise efforts as you lose weight in Albany or Macon

What gets you ready for a workout? For the many people you see glued to their headphones at the gym, the answer is music, and they’re definitely onto something. As anyone who’s been to a disco, dance class or high school prom can tell you, music can get us moving like nothing else, and research backs this up.

While you work hard to exercise regularly and lose weight in Albany or Macon, music can serve as a valuable motivator, giving you the little extra boost you need to power through a tough workout or get your butt out the door for exercise. Studies have proven the very real effects that music can have on us as we exercise, including:

  • Enhanced endurance
  • Enhanced mood and enjoyment
  • Reduced fatigue
  • Reduced perception of effort

But before you throw your iPod on shuffle and dart out to the gym, it may be a good choice to make a playlist. After all, some songs are much better for exercise than others and will give you a much bigger motivational boost. To make the most of your workout soundtrack, include songs that have:

  • Energy. Save the slow songs for your relaxation mix—when it comes to workout tracks, you want something with a strong, energetic beat that psyches you up. Synchronizing your movements to high-energy songs can give your efforts a subconscious boost, while you can even include songs at different tempos to match the changing intensity levels of your workout. The best workout songs tend to have tempos between 120 and 140 beats per minute. (As a frame of reference Michael Jackson’s “Thriller” is about 120 BPM, while “Beat It” is nearly 140.)
  • Meaning. We get the biggest boost from the songs that are most significant to us. This makes your favorite tracks among the best for your fitness playlist, especially if they have lyrics that suggest success and motivate you to do better. Cultural significance can also play a role—though you may not jam out to the Chariots of Fire theme or “Eye of the Tiger” in your spare time, the way we associate such songs with perseverance can make an impact in the moment.

As you lose weight in Albany or Macon, remember: music is more than just entertainment. With the right songs on your side, you can help yourself get more out of every workout.

What are some of the highlights of your workout playlist? Share your favorite weight loss tracks with us in the comments below!


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