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Lifestyle Adjustments after Lap-Band Surgery

People who have had or are considering Lap Band surgery are most likely aware that they will need to make lifestyle changes after this type of weight loss surgery. Changes include food intake, eating habits, and increasing activity. By thoroughly understanding these short-term and long-term lifestyle adjustments, you can more easily adapt after weight loss surgery.

Short-Term Adjustments

For the first few weeks following Lap Band surgery, you will only consume liquids. Clear soups, juice, broth and water will be the typical diet for the initial two weeks after weight loss surgery. Beginning after the second week, you can start to introduce pureed and soft foods into your diet. Once you reach the four week post-op period, you can start to introduce some regular foods. You will start your new post-op Lap Band diet approximately the sixth week.

Long-Term Adjustments

Once you hit six week post-op weight loss surgery, your diet becomes more normal. You’ll continue to follow the diet regimen recommended by your weight loss surgeon but the dietary options increase to small amounts of regular foods.

Typically, you will be advised to not drink liquids before, during and soon after you eat. You will also want to eat three small meals per day, with no snacking in between. When you eat, you’ll want to take your time and eat slowly. There will be some foods that you will need to avoid which often cause problems with the band. You can find a list of these foods in the LAP-BAND Guide.

Another adjustment will be your overall food composition intake. Lap-band surgery patients need to choose foods that are high in protein and low in fat content. Foods that are high in fat and high in sugar should be avoided.

Lastly, daily exercise is a long-term adjustment for Lap Band patients. Experts recommend that individuals who have had Lap Band surgery should eventually exercise seven days a week for 30 minutes, which includes activities such as walking, hiking, and biking. Though this may seem like a tall order to begin with, as you lose weight you can expect your energy levels and activity tolerance to improve dramatically.

Following these guidelines and the advice of your Albany, GA weight loss surgeon will help the Lap-Band do its job.


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