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Healthy Shopping Strategies for a Healthy Household

healthy shopping strategies help the entire household lose weight

Why does healthy shopping after bariatric surgery matter to everyone? When one person in a household gets weight loss surgery, it is actually common for other members of that household to lose weight too. This is called a “halo effect.”

The other members of your household will not have the hunger control that you do, but this means they won’t have the dietary restrictions either. By encouraging healthier habits throughout the household, you can help your loved ones lose weight too.

Here are some helpful strategies for healthy shopping:

  • Stick to the perimeter of the grocery store. This is where you will find the whole foods, including the meat, produce and dairy. The middle of the store contains most of the packaged and processed foods that are often higher in calories and sugar.
  • Make a list and stick to it. Before you head to the store, write yourself a shopping list and stick to it as closely as you can. Even if you don’t plan on eating them, the snacks that line the impulse racks will only bring you torment once they reach your pantry.
  • Shop for produce in season. Buying produce as it is in season reduces the cost of following a healthy diet, and brings some variety to your table.
  • Plan meals ahead of time. Cooking meals at home and sitting down and eating as a family puts you in greater control of your food choices, and helps bring your attention to the foods you eat. Plan your meals ahead of time and purchase all the ingredients you need so you are never in need of a “quick fix” for dinner.

Try limiting your trips to the food store. Instead of popping into the store daily to pick up items for that night, head there once a week and get all the food you’ll need to keep your family full, happy and healthy for the next several days.


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