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Getting Emotionally Ready for LAP-BAND Surgery

The prospect of losing weight through lap-band surgery can be very exciting, especially if you’ve been living with obesity for a long time. However, potential lap-band patients should understand that having bariatric surgery won’t just change how much you weigh or what you look like. To improve your chances of success after surgery, it’s important to emotionally prepare yourself for your new life before you have surgery.

Success is a commitment.

Before having surgery, you should emotionally prepare yourself for making a long-term commitment. You’ll be required to make significant lifestyle changes, including changing the way you eat and adding exercise to your daily life. In order to stick with these commitments, you may need to reach out to a support network of family, friends, and other bariatric patients. Be prepared to do whatever you need in order to stick with your dietary guidelines and exercise recommendations.

You are a priority.

After surgery, you may find that exercising, meal planning, and follow-up appointments require setting aside more time for yourself than you’re used to. While you certainly deserve this time, it may cause you to set boundaries that make you uncomfortable initially. You might find it hard, at first, to take time away from other people or activities in order to focus on yourself. Understand that your health and well-being is worth the time, and the overall reaction from your family and friends should be positive.


2 responses to “Getting Emotionally Ready for LAP-BAND Surgery”

  1. Michelle C. Avatar
    Michelle C.

    Preparing your emotions for the lap-band journey is very important. If your mind and your heart are not in it you will most likely not be as successful. You need all components working for you. If you can get the physical and emotional aspects jump started before having surgery then you will be primed and ready to use your new weight loss tool to its full potential. Just remember you are worth it!

  2. Amy Grasman, FNP-C Avatar
    Amy Grasman, FNP-C

    Prior to having gastric banding surgery, you need to know and remember that LapBand is a tool. It will help you lose weight by controlling your portions, however, you still have to invest your time in assuring you eat the right foods. Making healthy food choices is necessary to achieve your weight loss goals.
    Have the surgery, but remember to do so for yourself, your health adn your body image. Regular follow up visits are also key to achieving your weight loss goals.
    There is still plenty of work for you to do but it is well worth every minute of it.

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