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Finding Your Inner Weight Loss Resolve

Finding Your Inner Weight Loss ResolveAfter Lap Band surgery, your motivation levels are going to fluctuate. Though you may be filled with optimism as you read this article and are ready to make the right choice regardless of what comes, your resolve may weaken later when temptation rears its head.

Preparing for temptation is never easy, but don’t fear! By learning the right skills, you can tap into a reservoir of personal motivation that will help you survive even the most difficult moments of temptation.

Here are three ways to start finding your own inner weight loss resolve.

  • Do what you love. People often stop making progress with diet and exercise plans because they force themselves to adapt to things they don’t enjoy. Beating this pitfall can be as easy as exploring the world of healthy living a little further. When it comes to working out and eating right, there are limitless options out there, so don’t wallow away doing something you’re never going to like. Find activities you enjoy and have some fun while you lose weight.
  • Connect to your healthier future. When you follow through with a healthy behavior that reflects the values of your new self, celebrate your victory and think about how you’re turning into the person you want to be. Start to make facets of your healthier lifestyle a part of your identity by embracing your new fitness and nutrition interests. When old habits threaten your progress, keep them at bay with statements about how those behaviors aren’t a part of your life anymore.
  • Turn weight loss into a game. Keeping close track of your progress will make you more invested in your weight loss journey. Using a device that measures your fitness progress like a pedometer or keeping a food journal will let you keep tabs on how everything you do affects your attempts to lose weight. These sorts of tools make every step a small achievement and can make weight loss a bit more enjoyable—especially if you’re the competitive type.

Regardless of your initial reasons to seek weight loss surgery, tapping into your personal motivation reserves is one of the best ways to keep progressing towards your goal. Use these three tips to attune yourself with the healthy lifestyle you’re trying to achieve, then achieve it!

Do you have any more tips for finding your personal motivation during weight loss? Share them with us in the comments below!


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